With decades of experience searching for terroir-driven expressions of beautifully crafted wine from around the world, Andrew Bell has a curated portfolio that tells stories of time and place. After years of dedication, Andrew has handed the reins over to Ariana Ireland to lead the charge. Today, our still palate leans towards brighter acid and balanced; wines driven by tipicity of place. These wines are a true Sommelier selection, with focus on food and wine pairing.

All wines in our portfolio are, at a minimum, made sustainably with respect for the land on which the grapes are grown. More and more of our producers are Organic and/or Biodynamic. Regardless of the Domaine size, our selection of wines are classically representational of the style and expression of grape to soil.

Dedication to quality and excellence in grape growing drives us to find those wines and winemakers who are yet undiscovered.

Our goal is to continue this work of passion and share the discoveries from our travels. We are constantly traveling and meeting new producers who are looking to join the portfolio and maintain strong relationships with current producers. Some of our relationships span decades.

We invite you to explore our portfolio.