Traca i Mocador

A small grower starts to make his own wine. This third generation family has been growing grapes, tending olive, cherry, and peach trees, and the property’s farm for over 30 years in the Montsant river basin. Since 1999 they stopped selling their fruit to the Co-op and began their label Mas de les Vinyes. An additional label Traca i Mocador was created in 2013. Led by Josep Borras Miquel, these sculpted wines are true representations of their soil.

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Traca i Mocador Blanc

80% Macabeu 20% Grenache Blanc. This magical expression is a blend of 50 year old Macabeo and young vine Grenache. Josep planted the Grenache to add layers of complexity over the coming years as the vines age, 5 years old in 2017. The "fireworks and scarf" bottling of Macabeu and Grenache is far more silky and lingering on the palate. Along with the flowers, the bruised tree and stone fruit tingle the senses with peaches and apricot and a slight touch of bartlet pear and apple.


Traca i Mocador

60% Grenache, 10% each Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Samso. Fifty year old Grenache brings a powerful red fruit richness to this blend. There is red fruit in cherry and red currant, plum and prune from the Merlot; cassis, leather and structure from the Cab and Syrah. A massively ripe expression of the 2015 invades the palate with structured elegance. A very soft and deft hand was used here in the maceration. You experience full extraction but a light handed approach. The blend looks to inspire not overwhelm. The perfect Iron first in a velvet glove. Clearly Fireworks wrapped in Scarves! (The meaning of Traca i Mocador!)